Krebs KJ Illusion 2*M 2*D

Sire: Krebs Farm STJ Jacob *B*S

Dam: MT Rivendells Taffeta 1*M 1*D AR

Date of Birth: 2/08/2018

Number in Birth: 1 Doe/ 1 Buck

Horn Info: Polled

Color: Buckskin & White; Blue Eyes


Photo Courtesy of Krebs Dairy Goats


Krebs KJ Illusion 2*M 2*D

1st Freshening, 16 Days Fresh, 12 Hour Fill

Photo Courtesy of Krebs Dairy Goats


Dam's Udder

MT Rivendells Taffeta 1*M 1*D AR, 3rd Freshening, 12 Hour Fill, Uneven due to a single kid 

Photo courtesy of Krebs Dairy Goats


S: Krebs Farm STJ Jacob *B*S

SS: Sinai Thunder Asher's Judah +*B+*S

SD: Hickory Leaf Claire 1*M 1*D AR (AGS 2017 Top Ten in AR Milk Production.  Milked 1006# in 305 Days, 57#/5.7% BF, 42#/4.2% P, 5.1# Milk Test High)

SSS: Sinai Thunder AG Asher ++*B++*S VVV87

SSD: SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M 1*D AR VEEE91, E91.3, 2016 ADGA ELITE Doe (FF Milked 1120# in 305 Days with 4.9# High; Milked 1190# in 305 Days with 5.1# High; 2013/2014 ADGA National Top Ten 305 Day Awards for Production and Butterfat; 2013/2014 AGS National Top Ten 1 Day Test in all 4 Categories; ANDDA 2013/2014 Gold JuJu Award; 2016 ADGA Elite Doe 95% Production Evaluation)

SDS: Dill's C Blackfoot *S 

SDD: Pecan Hollow C Ithica

D: MT Rivendells Taffeta 1*M 1*D AR

DS: Egidio Heart Wrangler +B

DD: Pelican Acres LPD Miranda 

DSS: Lacados King of Hearts

DSD: Viking's CB Rhinestone Cowgirl 

DDS: Shere Country OB Leopold​

​​DDD: Heidi's Mini Acres Swiss Miss


Kidding Record

at Krebs Farm

- 3/30/2019 by CH Old Mountain Farm QuentinQuinn *B: 1 Doe (Krebs QQ Sparkle)/2 Bucks

​- 5/24/2020 by Krebs QQ Marcus Quinn *B: 1 Doe (Krebs MQ Glitter)/1 Buck
- 1/13/2021 by MT Rivendells OLV Oliver Twist +S: 2 Does (Krebs OT Lavender & Krebs OT Lilac)/2 Bucks