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SG Sugar Moon Alejandro

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

Dam: SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna 2*M VVEE89

Date of Birth: 4/01/2016

Horn Info: Disbudded

Color: Chocolate

Photo credit to Springwater Farms



S: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

SS: SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos +*B VEV89

SD: CH Old Mounatain Farm BrownI'dSuzn VEEE90

SSS: SG NC Promiseland Tur-Beau VEE90

SSD: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 3*M

SDS: Old Mountain Farm Obsidian VEEE90

SDD: Fairlea Flower Power

D: SG Sugar Moon RB Gianna 2*M VVEE89 

DS: SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B VEE90

DD: SG NC Promisedland PAL Paloma 1*M VEEE90

DSS: SG NC Promiseland MG Beau

DSD: Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie

DDS: SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony EEE90

DDD: SG NC Promiseland SS Thistle

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